New 071 Pro Strange Whisps ice/dew?

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New 071 Pro Strange Whisps ice/dew?

Post by Ausgazer » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:31 pm

Hi all. Used my brand new 071 pro other night. Cooled down to -10 over 10min. Outside ambient temp about 6 degrees . The Top of my stacked picture shows a smear about a 1/3 way from the left. Window heater was on . I can see something in the subs in the region that the whisp appears . Some people are pointing to dew or ice forming. I'm going to run another session this time cooling to -10 over 20min via SGP. The whisp appears at the top of the pic. My dslr with same scope flattener doesn't have a problem. Any ideas appreciated. New camera and I'm worried this 071 has a ice problem.

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