Using SkyWatcher Synscan mount drivers PART 2

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Using SkyWatcher Synscan mount drivers PART 2

Post by maudette » Wed May 15, 2019 1:07 pm


I've read some comments and the frustration relating to use the Synscan drivers (regular or Beta).

I tried 3 different ways:

Yesterday, I did a meticulous polar align (with PolarMaster). Did a good 3 stars alignment (used to it now). I can slew to different targets with perfect precision. I which I could use synscan beta... not giving up, will try again. (all firmwares are to the latest....)

Now I go into ASIAIR and select:
"Skywatcher Synscan Beta".
- Sync to phone date and time.
- location all good.
"Choose" M51 and "GOTO" and its off, way off...
Plate solve and select Sync and center, Still way off...

SO NOW swithc to "skyscan Synscan" mount driver
"Choose" M51 and "GOTO" and its on it!
Plate solve, now even better (A bit to the left, but within the scope view (1500mm).
Now... guiding. Tried to guide. No problem selecting a star, click on guiding button and as it tried to calibrate it eraticly moved at hi speed the steps, so right away it looses the stars and you cannot guide....

So NOW switch to "EQMOD" mount driver, no skysafari ;(
- Has start from park... Lost the 3 star alignment.
"Choose" M51 and "GOTO" and its off as expected.
Plate solve and it got there (Wrong direction but ok).
Guiding, no problem. Made sure to clear prior calibration and worked perfectly.


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Re: Using SkyWatcher Synscan mount drivers PART 2

Post by lancer jiang » Fri May 17, 2019 2:50 am

Hi sir

It is necessary to do Polar alignment(PA for short) before “GoTo” or guilding .And the the ASIair will support PA in the short term.

#2 Please enable the“tracking” on your hand controller when select “skywatcher synscan”.

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