Choose Object bugs 1.0.9

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Choose Object bugs 1.0.9

Post by mAnKiNd » Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:09 am

2 minor bugs report for 1.0.9.

Bug #1

One can tap and hold an object from the list and an "add to" option appears to add it to a custom created list.

However, if one searches for an object, then the "add to" option does not appear for that target.

The "add to" ability seems only to be working for the default "tonight's best" list.

Bug #2

Most of the time, after searching for a target, it appears as a single line on the screen and then about one second later, the screen reverts back to the tonight's best list, losing that target. After searching for the same object a second time, it then remains correctly on the screen.

Bugs found in ASIAIR app on an Android Google Pixel 2XL

Hope this helps

lancer jiang
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Re: Choose Object bugs 1.0.9

Post by lancer jiang » Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:54 am

Thanks very much for your feeding back

Question 1:
We will improve the “add to function” make it both working for “tonight‘s list ’”and“custom created list”

Question 2:
Discussed with our Android Developer :when you enter the choose object, it takes a few seconds to
calculate and draw the list.The "search function" should be useable till the caculations finished.He will try to improve it

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