M51 'The Question Mark Galaxy'

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M51 'The Question Mark Galaxy'

Post by Dunc » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:57 am

The daft name was the one N.I.N.A's object browser put into the Sequence name, I had searched for M51, as ya do... I thoroughly recommend N.I.N.A. as a capture app. I am using Version 1.8 RC006.

22 x 250s Gain 120 Offset 4 Temp -15c, 10x5.8s Flats, 10 Dark Flats, 10 Darks, 0 Bias

Telescope aperture and focal ratio: TS1506UNC f4, TS Komakorr
Camera and filters used: ZWO ASI294MC Pro, Baader Neodymnium 1.25" filter
Processing applied: DSS 4.x, Startools
Date: Mar 25, 2019
Dimensions: 3954 x 2632 pixels

Click for the full size image, I've only trimmed 90px off each side to cover stacking artifacts.

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