Is the EAF compatible with the GSO 2" 10:1 Focuser

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J. Taylor
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Is the EAF compatible with the GSO 2" 10:1 Focuser

Post by J. Taylor » Tue Jun 23, 2020 6:01 pm

Installed the EAF on a William Optics ZenithStar 81 - works nicely with ASIair Pro, EFW and ASI cameras.

Have the GSO Crayford rack-n-pinion installed on a Celestron 8SE and need a better solution than hand focusing for planetary imaging.

Has anyone had experience installing the ZWO EAF on this Crayford?

Does the design of the GSO Crayford work with the EAF - was going to test by relocating the EAF from the WO81 to the Nexstar to see if it's possible.

Attached are some pictures of the actual, installed Crayford - hopefully the ZWO team or other users can verify if the EAF will work on the focuser.

Thanks for your feedback...
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Re: Is the EAF compatible with the GSO 2" 10:1 Focuser

Post by Support@ZWO » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:14 am

Sorry to tell you we do not have a GSO focuser and did not test it, from my experience it does not support. You can refer to this guide and details on ZWO website to confirm it your focuser is compatible with EAF.
ZWO If our EAF is right for your Focuser.pdf
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Re: Is the EAF compatible with the GSO 2" 10:1 Focuser

Post by cengell » Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:40 am

Yes j.Taylor, just about anything is possible. What you would need to do is design & 3D print a plate as a shim that would attach where those 2 thumb screws are and then find a way to then attach the ZWO bracket.

Sorry to say I don't think their is a shim or an easy way to mount right now, but I would expect someone to have that GSO focuser which is very popular and then design a shim/plate that then would attach the ZWO EAF bracket to the bottom of the focuser.

I know there are 1 other motor focuser company that has made an adapter to mount and use their motor but that bracket would take some thinking and work to use. Depending on how creative you are you could order an EAF and then when you have to find a way to mount it, that would be secure.

Web search for a very popular 3D design web site that has a few 3D mounts and you can download the .stl file and have it 3D printed.

So yes it can be done, but maybe later this year someone will have a way, it's the EAF are on back order here in the US, so when they become in the hands of users I expect to see an adapter.


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