ASIAir Pro Focus routine not working for me

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ASIAir Pro Focus routine not working for me

Post by rreed » Thu May 21, 2020 4:51 am

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't get the 5x zoom focus to work with the magnifier symbol. I'm trying to manually focus a spacecat and when I move the green crosshair and box over the 1x star, and then change the zoom setting to 5x, it does magnify the star, but the box and crosshairs are no longer centered over the star. Then I move the 5x box and crosshairs to the new location of that 5x star and tap the magnifier and there is no star in the upper left corner box. I'm using an iPad pro 11" version.

Another issue is that when I move the green box and crosshair over a 1x star, and then click the magnifier, I get that 1x star in the center of the upper left box, but there is no helpful readout in the upper right box to aid in focusing. HFD just stays on 10.

Finally, it's pretty buggy in that sometimes the zoom setting doesn't go back to 1x while on 5x or vice versa when tapped.

Anybody else have these experiences? Many thanks. Rick

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