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AL Bates
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ASI1600GT Filters

Post by AL Bates » Thu Nov 28, 2019 9:50 pm

ZWO ASI 1600GT Internal FW (Fiter Wheel)

I received the new ZWO ASI1600GT Internal FW monochrome camera. Now being only a Hyperstar user with one shot color cameras I decided to try monochrome. The ASI1600GT is a Square monochrome camera with a built-in 5 position filter wheel.. 1.25 mounted and 31mm unmounted. I went with the 125 mounted Baader F2 high speed narrowband (H-a OIII SII) filters (with preshift) that works with hyperstar. The camera will be going on front of my C14. The camera is 110mm by 110mm square that's a little larger than my ZWO ASI 071MC round camera (86.7MM diameter) and  ASI1600MC round camera (78.5MM diameter) That's 23mm less light gathering. I don't think 23mm will make much difference.

After reading about the ZWO ASI1600GT filter thickness warning.? My curiosity.. will the baader 1.25 mounted filters work without scraping the cover. I know the Baader 1.25 mounted filters are a little thicker then ZWO filters. I was curious to find out about this and after a measurement I found that the baader 1.25 filters are a little thicker than the ZWO filters by around .31mm.  After installing and testing the baader filters they did work without scraping the cover.

My other curiosity using the 1.25 filters with the ASI1600GT will there be any vignetting and after measuring the camera chip opening (22.60mm) and the 1.25 baader filter opening (26.54mm) ZWO filter opening (26.00mm) I don't know if there will be any vignetting using the 1.25 mounted baader filters. I know it will be close and seems there may be some vignetting but really will not know until after testing. I hope this helps to answer same of the questions I had. ... -gt-camera

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Re: ASI1600GT Filters

Post by Support1@ZWO » Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:28 am

1.25″ filters required to be: threaded shorter than 3mm in length, without threads less than 7mm in height.

1.25″ filters won’t have vignetting up to F5 focal ratio scope and 31mm filter won’t have vignetting up to F2 lens.
You might need to have a test to see if there will be vignetting and how big it is.

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