StarStructure Telescopes / ASICAP max exposure times

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StarStructure Telescopes / ASICAP max exposure times

Post by StarStructure » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:19 pm

Hello All,
I am the owner and builder of StarStructure Telescopes. We are currently working on a new telescope design which uses a camera at prime focus. I am most interested in the ASI294MC-PRO camera. The camera manufacture will ultimately come down to the software, or more specifically, the ease of use. I have downloaded ASICAP v1.6.1. I realize this is more of a test software...but for the proposes of this telescope it's exactly what I'm looking for. Very simple and easy to use.

My question is what is the maximum exposure times this software will allow? I watched a few videos but no one doing DSO's only moon and planets. In the control section of the software I see the drop down for looks like there is an option to do from 1-2000 SECONDS. Is this correct? With the ASI294MC-PRO I believe I will only need a max of about 35 seconds anyway...all I really need to know is if I can achieve around 35 seconds.

A timely response would be much appreciated as I'm looking to make a camera purchase asap.

Thanks in advance!


PS> I read in this forum that live stack may be added to this software. Although I don't think this is necessary for this type of application, It would be nice to play with. Is this in the works?

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Re: StarStructure Telescopes / ASICAP max exposure times

Post by Software@ZWO » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:03 am

As you said, the maximum exposure time of the camera can reach 2000 seconds, so 35 seconds is OK.

We are developing live stacking software, which is an independent software, not included in ASICap. Live stacking is mainly for deep sky objects, while ASICap is mainly for planetary objects.

ASICap will also release a new version, which will give you a new feeling.

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