Number of issues

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Number of issues

Post by keano » Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:03 am

William optics Z73 scope
William optics 50mm guidescope
William optics field flattener 73
Skywatcher EQ5 Mount

ASI 120MM mini fitted to guidance scope
ASI 120MC-S imaging fitted to Z73.
Nikon D3400 also fitted to Z73

Iphone XS Max and ASUS android tablet.
ASI Air focal lengths set at 430mm for scope and 200mm for guidance.

UK, 54North, 2 west


The focus function works well and the main camera can be focussed easily. Mount is connected once polar alligned also very easily. Polar allign and goto first target M51.

When trying to use guidance, a star is selected then the mount is operated with large movements which then makes tracking keep reading 'lost star'. Ths throws out the mount allignment.

When trying to plate solve 600 stars are found regardless of gain and varying the focal length, it is never solved. Also had errors reading 'too far from the equator'

When imaging regardless of exposure time and gain dead pixels and white noise. Is the 120MCS capable of deep space imaging at all?

When using the Nikon D3400 the app crashes and closes when imaging.

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Re: Number of issues

Post by Sam » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:59 am

the FOV must be too small for plate solve to work
for guiding, did you use skywatcher synscan or beta?

about D3400
maybe we need to borrow one and test again
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