ASI385MC uncooled first DSO

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ASI385MC uncooled first DSO

Post by Susaron » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:58 pm

Dear friends,

Last Friday I went out to try a first light for my brand new ASI385MC, coupled with an IDAS LPS D1 and my SW200PDS.

First I tried with the Moon, at maximum resolution I was able to collect up to 170fps with FireCapture, so in less than 30secs I had 3Gb size videos :shock:

Later on I went for what I really wanted to try, the combination of the SW200PDS with short exposures in DSO. I had to push the Gain around 430 so the color just disappeared, anyhow I am quite happy with the results, the M13 picture is a stack of 200subs x 10s, and the one for NGC4565 is 68subsx15s.

Clear skies

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