EAF driver update when using ASIARE

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EAF driver update when using ASIARE

Post by Jgschaefer » Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:13 pm

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to update the driver for my EAF. (for the cold weather issue) With the EAF connected to my laptop I have installed ASCOM onto my laptop and then downloaded the EAF driver form the ZWO software web page. I also installed the ASIcap software onto my laptop to verify the focuser is working. When I downloaded the EAF driver it said it put it on my computer. How does the software get updated on the EAF when I use my ASIAIR and not the computer? And if the driver is loaded onto the EAF itself is there a way to check the Version?
Any advice would be appreciated,

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Re: EAF driver update when using ASIARE

Post by Katherine.Tsai » Wed Dec 25, 2019 9:55 am

Sorry to tell you that ASIAIR does not support updating EAF driver, you will need to updating the driver on PC.
support->Software and Drivers->FW Update

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