Some features …

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Some features …

Post by dark energy » Sun Oct 06, 2019 3:44 pm

… I would like to see in the ASIair App:

- saving of current position (RA, Dec) with user defined name as custom object (to a separate object list)
- defining a region of Interest in preview and (if possible) in autorun mode by drawing and moving a rectangle on the screen
- it would be great, if the focus preview area (the square) could be moved to the corner in BIN1 mode (it seems that this isn't possible at the moment.
- a kind of "autorun screen mode": Show only a (small) histogram, the guiding graph and the two circles (image and time) at the bottom of the screen or in a floating window

And one question: Why are the the arc second values displayed in the floating window on the main screen and those in the guiding graph on the guiding screen different?

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