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Re: ZWO New full frame ASI094 & ASI128

Postby grahamhobart » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:01 pm

Hi ! just bought an ASI094MC pro from Bintel In Australia.
I am having some issues with using the camera in APT- I have posted on that forum as well.
I have downloaded the latest ZWO driver and the APT version is current (3.40)
I got to 7 dark frames last night (300 sec at -20) then it just said busy and stopped.
I am using Windows 8 and a USB 3 active extension as the USB 3 that came with the camera is too short for my observatory.
I will try to do the same in SharpCap later but would really like to solve this as I love APT.
My USB speed was 90 . Set to Raw 16 Fits output in Sharp capture ( I assume these are migrated to the ascom driver as there is no way to set these in the APT or Ascom boxes?)
Many thanks
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