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Re: Feature Request: Android ASICAP

Post by Software@ZWO » Thu Apr 04, 2019 11:23 am

StarChild wrote:
Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:55 am
Hi ZWO team
I have some feature requests for you:

1) include a Polar Scope screen (scaled overlay image) for polar alignment routines. I currently use a SW AZGTi which also can work in EQ mode, but there is no physical support for a polar scope, so I could easily use the main scope & camera (ASI224, or ASI1600) for a quick polar alignment with decent results for short exposures if this "polar Scope" overlay would be present in Asicap.

2) I've seen that Time Lapse photography feature request is not considered due to concern for battery drain over long exposures. Please let the end user decide if he has enough battery, just implement the Time Lapse and in the end the user decide by himself how long he can afford to make these timelapse (depending on the phone battery , maybe he has an OTG cable with external power capability,...)

3) as requested by a previous colleague, please allow use to define folder location where pictures/movies can be saved. As it is now is kind of awkward to find these items.

4) please include in the App a "dummy camera mode". If I want to check something in the application I need to have the camera connected. Maybe I want to verify some settings (like folder saving for example, Bin mode, other...) and I don't necessarily have a camera by me to connect it to the phone. I think a "ASI-Generic" camera can be loaded by default when starting the application. After that, just a black screen but all buttons and menus to be visible/available. If you really want to make it nicer, instead of the black screen use the video stream of the main camera of the phone/tablet :mrgreen:

Best regards,
Hi Liviu,
The features you mentioned are very useful to us. We will evaluate them and consider adding some features to the new version if they are beneficial to many people. Thank you very much for your feedback.
Mouling Song
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