Driver for ASI120mm+ASI120mm-s not working?

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Driver for ASI120mm+ASI120mm-s not working?

Post by taipan » Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:47 pm

Hi. I have one of each of those cameras ASI120mm+ASI120mm-s. The mm-s worked ok with the old driver and the mm didn't work on my new computer(usb3) but with my old computer.. Think there was some issue whit the USB2 camera on a usb3 motherboard?
Yesterday i sew a new driver for all ASI cameras. v3.0.3 for all ASI cameras:

I taught that maybe i could get the ASI120mm to work with my new computer if i installed the new software. But insted the old drivers was deleted and neither of the cameras are now found by Firecapture or SharpCap?
Can't find the old drivers?
Is there something i missing here? Needs help please..Uses Windows 10.

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Re: Driver for ASI120mm+ASI120mm-s not working?

Post by Support2@ZWO » Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:22 am


First, please check your device manager. When you connect the 1200MM or 120MM-S, will it appear in the device manager?
Second, is it correct? They should have no exclamation symbol. If it have a exclamation symbol, please try to uninstall the driver, then reboot the PC, and install the new driver again.
Third, if all of them are correct, please try to update the Fircapture and SharpCap to the newest version.

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