amp glow from asi 174mc cool camera

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amp glow from asi 174mc cool camera

Postby peaches » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:53 am

can anybody please tell me the correct process to eliminate amp glow in my asi 174mc cool camera, what process should I use to eliminate amp glow, darks?, flats? and please try to explain in laymans terms as I am new to astrophotography, any help would be appreciated. thank you
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Re: amp glow from asi 174mc cool camera

Postby chad » Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:07 am

I think you should figure out what the amp glow is。
Image sensor as an electronic device, it must generate heat when working. I think this should be easy to understand. These heat energy will stimulate a part of the light, the hotter, the stronger the light. It's like heating a piece of iron. Because our image sensor will collect all the light, the light will also be collected. If you take an image that has no light, you will see that there is a part of the image that is light, and we call this amp glow.
So now you know, he's closely related to the temperature. So the first thing we want to do is try to limit the temperature, not let the temperature rise. That's one of the reasons why we add refrigeration. On the other hand, we can reduce the power of the image sensor as much as possible without affecting the work of the image sensor. Despite all the measures we've taken, there's actually still a glow.
So you can only get rid of the glow by later treatment.
About flat fields and dark fields. We usually use dark fields to eliminate amp glow。The reason is that we usually shoot only a very short time in the flat field, and the dark field will have the same time as normal photos and the same Settings.So the amp glow in the dark fields is the same with the images.
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