ASI120MM and Maxim DL

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ASI120MM and Maxim DL

Post by esordini » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:09 am

Dear all,
I am a happy owner of an ASI 120MM camera (older USB2 type) which I use for planetary imaging on a regular basis. Recently I had the idea to use it for autoguiding as an alternative to my SX Lodestar; my imaging program of choice is Maxim DL 5.

I tried the latest version of your ASCOM driver. Maxim DL is able to detect the camera, but trouble is, downloading the frame is extremely slow (sth like 4 or 5 seconds, even in binning 2 mode), which makes it virtually unusable for autoguiding (should be negligible, just one fraction of a second).

I did all my tests on a laptop running 32-bit Windows Vista with the latest available version of the ASCOM platform (6.1SP1).

So here's my question: anybody out there have any ideas/experiences/clues to share? Maybe is there something I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Re: ASI120MM and Maxim DL

Post by james_screech » Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:15 pm

I had a similar issue when I tried guiding with Maxim DL. I also found that the guiding kept flipping between two positions in declination (no backlash compensation in Maxim) so I had duplicate star images of equal brightness about 10 pixels apart. All very strange. The same night PHD2 guided without a problem using the the same setup.

This was all with a USB2 ASI120MM, OAG, DSLR, ED70 scope & Celestron AVX mount.

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Re: ASI120MM and Maxim DL

Post by Sam » Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:24 am

can you try connect the camera through "video DS"?
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