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TheSkyX X2 driver is not working

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 5:18 pm
by maxmirot
I have the ASI 6200.

I downloaded the latest X2 driver for TheSkyX, version 2.9.

This driver causes TheSkyX to crash after 20- 30 minutes.
Windows gives a message the the application has stopped working and then will close after clicking the message.
It still crashed TheSkyX even when the camera is not connected!

I reinstalled the system with version 2.7 driver and this behavior stopped. It is now stable
Unfortunately, 2.7 won't will connect to the camera but cannot download images with the 6200.

I tried the ASCOM driver. The ASCOM driver is stable but gets frequent com errors when using 1x binning.
Bin 2x works ok.

I am using USB3 without a hub.

TheSkyX X2 need to be fixed.

Also, the ASCOM driver should not get comm errors on bin 1x.