[Windows] Is There a Simple Way to Check and Upgrade Camera Firmware?

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Re: Is There a Simple Way to Check and Upgrade Camera Firmwa

Postby chad » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:15 am

Recently I received many emails to ask if I could help him upgrade.
So I think I might have missed something.

First, if your camera works fine, there is no need to upgrade. If it works wrong, please tell us first, instead of upgrade the FW by yourself.

Second, for the upgrade. I understand your desire to upgrade to the latest firmware. However, our firmware update is usually not intended to solve the general problem. This kind of problem usually should be solved in our debug phase.
As we know, in actual manufacturing, there are differences between batches. Like small differences in components, such as some power control chips, although these differences do not usually affect the use. but we need to update the firmware to solve these problems. This is the most important reason for a FW upgrade.
Of course, we will also upgrade the firmware to solve some customer problems. But that's very small, because most of the problems that customers find are a special case, and most of them are not very likely to be triggered.
So, if your camera is working properly, these upgrades don't make it perform better, but sometimes it can cause problems with subtle differences in hardware.

In a word, if you have problems, please email us, we will help you solve it. FW upgrade is the last resort after we have trouble solving the problems.
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