operate the cameras more remotely via android

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operate the cameras more remotely via android

Postby Benni » Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:35 pm

Hi, I see that you are working on android support for your cameras:

Phones sometimes do not have 12h battery left, and I sometimes want to make a phonecall or something else with my mobile.

A cable connection from the phone to the camera that has to work during the entire imaging sesson is not really good, since the teleskope should not be disturbed during imaging.

Therefore. I want that the mobile can be used to give orders to the camera and that the camera then carries out these orders alone.

More specfically, I want to shortly connect the camera to a mobile or tablet via cable or wlan.
At first I want to be able to focus the image.

Then I want to say to the camera via an app on my phone that it should make a number of images with the given gain, time and other settings and rotate the filter wheel appropriately.

After pressing a button, I want to disconnect my phone from the camera and the camera should then start its imaging procedure by itself and save the pictures to a card or a usb stick . When the camera is finished, it should signal this via a small red LED.

I should be able to reconnect the camera to my phone and download the images and I should be able to send the camera a new todo list. If needed I should also be able to interrupt the camera in what it is doing via my phone.

Similarly, the cameras should have features for guiding. If two ZWO cameras are connected with each other via usb (one for guiding, the other for main imaging), I want to connect the main camera to my mobile, via cable or wlan, and then I should be able to select a guidestar in the image of the guiding camera and press a calibrate button, for calibrating the guiding calls. After pressing a guide button, I should be able to disconnect my android phone and the camera should begin guiding. The guiding software in the camera should also be able to do dithering between two images with the main optics (that is moving the telescope a few pixels in order to improve noise during stacking)

At best this all should work via a wlan connection, or if wlan creates too much heath or costs too much battery, via usb cable. But the phone should not have to be always connected physically to my telescope. Otherwise, a phonecall could make me take my phone and then it would shake my telescope and disturb the image.

From the hardware side, this should not be too difficult to implement. It would basically just require the hardware of a a raspberry pi computer into the ZWO camera, with a linux operating system and an application like linguider installed, and a wireless usb wlan adapter...

If you would implement this into your cameras, it would save us from always having to bring a table to the astronomy session on which we then can place an entire laptop... It would simply reduce the stuff you need to carry...
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Re: operate the cameras more remotely via android

Postby Sam » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:00 am

thanks very much for your kind suggestion
this is our goal to make astrophotograph easier
and we do think what you need make sense
but we need to do it step by step

use a smart phone or pad replace laptop is a good idea
we do think operation on a phone is far easier than on PC or laptop
that' why we port ASI camera to Android
but there is too few app support astro imaging under Android
so it's a long way to go

as you mentioned, I think PI3+Linux can do this job
just not the best hardware and software
still too difficult to use

so let's release our first app under android
and then see if we can do this job better
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