ASI 1600MM Pro Cooler

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ASI 1600MM Pro Cooler

Post by starblazer » Thu Jan 02, 2020 12:27 pm

The current behavior of my1600MM Pro is:
* When I connect 12V to the camera, the fan starts working, but as soon as I connect the cam via ASCOM, the fan stops.
* When I disconnect the cam (via ASCOM), the cooler and fan stop regardless the cooler was running and was not switched off.
* When I choose "keep cooler on" in SGP (sequence generator pro) when disconnecting the camera, the cooler will switch off anyway. The same I see with my home-made software using the ASCOM driver.

I suggest as an improvement to give the control over the camera's cooler reliably (and predictably) to the user. This includes:
* Keep the fan running as long as 12V are supplied (until the camera is disconnected from 12V supply).
* Allow the cooler to keep on, when camera is disconnected. This is very important for using the camera with more than 1 software (like for imaging and for plate solving or polar alignment. It doesn't make sense (and is bad for the camera) if the cooler is switched off upon every disconnect and needs to be restarted after connecting with another software. Obviously, the CoolerOn parameter in ASCOM should reflect this (so that the new software, on connecting the cam knows if the cooler is on or off.
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Re: ASI 1600MM Pro Cooler

Post by Katherine.Tsai » Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:32 am

Hi Pat,
Thanks for your feedback and I will convey your message to our devs.

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