RVB Color Copernicus with ZWO ASI 385 / T300 - 2018/01/26

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RVB Color Copernicus with ZWO ASI 385 / T300 - 2018/01/26

Postby XS_MAN » Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:53 pm

Hi all,
Hi Sam, ;)

I'm so happy, nearly 3 hours of clear skies, a new little miracle in the
constant bad weather over me ! I choose the Moon and Clown nebula as
targets as they were high enough in the sky.

Here is the most promising capture, Copernicus and Stadius area with new
ZWO ASI 385 color camera and my 300 mm Newtonian telescope. I'm happy,
turbulence effects were minimum during this shoot. And to increase hardship
level, it's a "pure RVB" color image (without any Ir inside as my previous images).

Newton Orion Optics 300 mm F/D 5.3, on EQ-6 mount

ZWO ASI 385 with Ir/Uv Cut filter + barlow 3x + additionnal distance.
Acquisition with Firecapture.
17000 raw images Ser film. 6500 raws selected.
Gain = 407.
Expo = 1.55 ms

Manual sort out.
PIPP pre-alignement.
Registration with AS!3
Post processing with Iris + Photoshop.

Final image resized to 95 % :


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