New lunar images with ASI 385 - T300

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New lunar images with ASI 385 - T300

Postby XS_MAN » Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:52 pm

Hi Sam,
Hi all,

Clouds are definitively stuck over french skies !
Clouds and rain, and wind all week... I'm tired of this boring weather !

New miracle : clear skies last 28th December... Only 2 hours before the wind
strengthens and shake the telescope too much !

Of course I use my 300 Newtonian, a barlow 3x, ASI 385 with Ir-pass 742
PRO filter. Poor seeing conditions, as expected...

This time, it was very painfull to process correctly the images so I finally choose
to debayer the raw images. Of course visual sort out of all raw images to be sure
to use only the best ones.

Final images are not wonderfull but I do what is humanly possible with the hostile
environment !

Newtonian Orion Optics 300 mm F/D 5.3, on EQ-6 mount

ZWO ASI 385 + Ir 742 Pro filter + Barlow 3x
15000 image capture.
Exposure = 2 - 5 ms
Gain = 311.
Frame rate : 121 fps

Visual sort out.
pre-registration of raw images and debayering with PIPP.
Registration with AS3!
Post-processing with Iris + Photoshop.

Final images 85 % :




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