M97 with ZWO ASI 385 uncooled and T300 Newtonian

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M97 with ZWO ASI 385 uncooled and T300 Newtonian

Post by XS_MAN » Sun May 13, 2018 12:34 pm

Hi Sam,
Hi all,

Several clear skies nights last weeks so I have lot of pictures to process ! :)

Here is the well-know "Owl nebula" M97 with ASI 385 (uncooled) and 5 seconds
exposure. Not an easy target for short exposure technique !

Captures were done during 4 nights (half nights) last April 16/17 et 17/18,
May 1/2 and 6/7 Mai 2018. During 3 nights I use a luminance filter to have
real RVB images. The 4th night I remove filter because cirrus clouds eat a part
of the signal.

The result is correct but not wonderfull, so it's a "show and forget" image !


Newton Orion Optics 300 mm F/D 5.3, on EQ-6 mount :

ZWO ASI 385 with Ir/Uv Cut filter (used during 3 nights)
Acquisition with SharCap.
(1508+1370+1401+1465) x 5 sec raw images Ser film.
Gain = 450 to 530.

Manual sort out.
Registration with DSS
Post processing with Iris + Photoshop.

Final image resized to 75 % :



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