ASI 183 Pro and M31

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ASI 183 Pro and M31

Post by corner » Mon Dec 30, 2019 9:53 pm

Here are some results with ASI 138 Pro Mono!
M31 at 2019 December of 18 at Southwest Gemany 48.9°N (around 130m above Seelevel)

Using ASI 183 Pro Mono with C8 and 0.6x focal reducer.
LRGB with Filter Wheel Mini and Meade low cost LRGB Filters
L 15x45s and about RGB 8x45s; DARKS and FLATS; Processed with AstroArt 6
Final Imageprocessing with Android Snapseed (Structure and more)
The BW is L 15x45s only
All with Unity Gain at -10°C
The BW Zoom is Globular Cluster right to Cross named 117-176

So far! In September/October 2018 I tested the Cameras 174, 183 and 1600 Pro Mono with C8 at f/6 (Alan Gee Focal Reducer).
My Main Interest was Astrometry of Comets and Asteroids. Pritty Pictures I mostly I took with Canon 400D (mod) and Canon 1300D.
The Astrometry was done long Time with an old SBIG ST6. For a first Test of CMOS I buyed the ASI 120 Mini Mono.
With this Camera I do the Astrometry and it works! I used a Doublestack of focal Reducers for around f/2.7 at the C8.
Of course the Darks I had to do in the same Night....
This Camera works well in Deep Sky and more I found out.
The 174,183 and 1600 were Amazing, but the 174 has a relativ strong AMP-Glow (can excluded by Darks), but 183 better and 1600 is very moderate.
The Magnitude Limit for some stacked Images with single 5s,10s,15s shots stacked to reach 60 to 90s (like a Single Image)
Always at LRN (Low Read Noise) Setting.
The Limit with the 174 was 17.5m, 17.7m with 1600 and 18.0m with the 183. The 183 gave the best limiting Magnitude of all this 3 Cameras!
Of course I had to BIN. So it was 2x2 BIN for 174, 4x4 for 183 and 3x3 for the 1600. This was the closest to the 2"/Pixel Value mostly used
for the Astrometric work.
I took Comet 29p and some Asteroids for the Astrometric tests (29p was at an outburst...) and M11 and M33 for the Deep Sky Tests.
At the start of October I took some of the bright Objects in SGR (M8, M17...) and it was so Amazing (the Objects are very low in October at 48.9°N) that
I want one of these Cameras. I prefered the 183 and 1600. Because of the better Limiting Magnitude of the 183 I buyed that Camera in April 2019.

Thats all!
Bye Juergen :D

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