asi120mm usb configuration

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asi120mm usb configuration

Post by Brett » Sun May 05, 2019 8:06 am


I have approx 5x asi 120mm-s usb camera that are used for guiding only. We use maxim dl. We do not use the 120's for imaging.. guiding only.

Every few days we have the camera stop downloading images, its says that is downloading the images, its just that the displayed image is black and all pixel values read as zero. This is a problem because our systems are automated and unattended, so we can potentially lose an entire night
as they are not monitored.

We have done the reinstall of maxim, latest drivers etc. What I wanted to know is what is what camera usb control settings will result in the most stable configuration that we can make it in the ascom driver.

In the Ascom choose window there is the option for the slider 'USB limit' what is that exactly? Will turning this down result in slower but more stable usb connection? Is this the same as the tip below 'turn down usb traffic if no image get?'

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Re: asi120mm usb configuration

Post by Support@ZWO » Mon May 13, 2019 2:14 am

Hi there
USB limit is control the bandwidth of USB traffic. For 120MM-S in DSO or guiding, I recommend to use 40. For planetary, I recommend to use 100.
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