Amp glow with ASI1600MC PRO

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Amp glow with ASI1600MC PRO

Postby Ares » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:31 am

I have a terrible amp glow with the new ASI1600MC PRO
I had before an ASI1600MC, and never noticed such overwhelming glow before; since the two camera are similar except for the DDR, I would expect similar performance
The camera is connected via USB3.0 cable to an i7 with SSD, in addition the amp glow is proportional to the exposure length... in my opinion isn't caused by the reading

see image of M33 @180sec, gain 250, T=-10C

unstretched imaged of M33 @180sec

stretched image of M33 @180sec

PS: using latest driver and ASCOM
Problem in both native and ASCOM mode, tried with SharpCap, FireCapture, and TSX
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Re: Amp glow with ASI1600MC PRO

Postby chad » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:25 am

Hi Ares,
Sorry to answer you so late. I just saw this post.
Has your camera been repaired? If not, Please send it back. I think it needs repair.
If you bought from our agent, please send to them, and they will send it back. It is cheap and safe than you send it back to us directly. When you send it back, please add a note: ZWO's Chad checked, amp glow around.
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