Asi1600 sensor defect

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Asi1600 sensor defect

Post by Bdm1010 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:49 pm

I’ve been getting weird artifacts in my images. its circular with a tail. i thought it was my filters originally bc it was very prominent in the blue filter but realized it appears in all the filters. it does not get corrected with flats. i took some flats without the corrector or filters and it still appears. i rotated the camera 90 degrees and it was still in the same orientation. i looked through the sensor window and noticed the same shape artifact is on the actual sensor. I cleaned the sensor per the zwo instructions and microwaved the tablets. It seams this smudge or condensation or whatever it is is sandwiched between the sensor and the glass covering the sensor, not the sensor window glass. attached is a stack of 25 flats on the blue filter which is the most prominent. Also attached are images of the cameras sensor where you can see the same shaped thing as is in the flats. Any suggestions on a fix? I have email zwo support and they were responsive at first. They had me seen them an imaging session with all the calibration frames so they could try and calibrate this out. That was over a week ago and I have heard nothing from them. I’ve emailed asking for an update with no response.

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