ASI6200 with M68 OAG and M68 tip/tilt plate

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ASI6200 with M68 OAG and M68 tip/tilt plate

Post by mrpugh55 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:51 am

I have followed the instructions to assemble the camera, M68 OAG/tip-tilt plate, and that includes removing the tip/tilt plate on the front of the camera. I have tried 2 guiders (Lodestar x2, STi) and none of them come to focus in the OAG.

The easiest solution for me will be to remove the helical focuser and replace it with a 1.25" barrel adapter. What is the thread size of the top of the M68 OAG? i.e where the helical focusser threads into.

Otherwise, what other solutions are there? There are no adapters I can see that I can put between the FW and the OAG to extend the distance so to bring the guiders to focus.

Also, what are the screw sizes that attach the M68 OAG to the filter wheel? Why do you not provide additional screws with the OAG when you sell it?


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Re: ASI6200 with M68 OAG and M68 tip/tilt plate

Post by Support@ZWO » Wed Sep 09, 2020 2:04 am

Hi Martin,
You can refer to the title"Features" on this website: ... xis-guider
And there is an attachment for your reference.
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