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HELP : My sd card is KO and I have no backup :-(

Posted: Sun May 24, 2020 9:53 pm
by OlivierN

I need your help.

My sd card is KO and I have no backup. I have an AsiAir first model. When I get the sd card on the AsiAir there is a light red and green and then nothing, . Everything was perfect until today...

Would it be possible to download the file to use to restore on an other sd card ?

thanks in advance.

Olivier Nagel

Re: HELP : My sd card is KO and I have no backup :-(

Posted: Sun May 24, 2020 11:32 pm
by W7AY
Why do you not have a backup of the SD card??

Before you do anything else, see if the Boot partition of the existing SD card can be mounted and read.

If the SD Card is partially alive, you can mount it on a Macintosh through an SD Card Reader. You should see a Boot volume show up. If it does, make a copy of the "zwoair_license" file in that volume to some place safe on your computer. Then eject and store the SD card in a safe place, since it still has your license file and can save you a lot of trouble (read on).

Next, buy another new Samsung 32 GB SD card (buy a half dozen more as backups, now that you have learned the lesson that you *absolutely* must back up, no matter if it is your computer or the ASIAIR).

Next, go download a copy of from here ... d0y5O/view

This can take a long time since you need to download about 32 GB of data from the Google drive.

Unzip the file when done. Follow the ASIAIR instructions on how to restore ASIAIR_V1.02 to one of your blank Samsung 32GB SD cards. On MacOS, use ApplePi Baker, or using Terminal disk commands (ApplePi Baker simply encapsulate those commands in a simple GUI).

After you have restored the card, you can now copy the "zwoair_license" file from your computer into the SD card. You should now be able to use that card to boot your ASIAIR hardware.

If you could not extract the "zwoair_lincese" file from your original card, you can simply run the new SD card without a license file. Your tablet's app will tell you that you need a license file. Screen capture that tablet window and email it to ZWO.

Depending on whether they are reading their email, it may take a day to a week to get a response back. This is why having the "zwoair_license" file can save you a lot of time.

You can save even more time if you had made up a backup before even powering up the ASIAIR originally, as you were implored to do by the instructions in the ASIAIR box when you first opened it up.