Goto Issue with smarteqPro and ASIAIR PRO

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Goto Issue with smarteqPro and ASIAIR PRO

Post by skypgo35 » Fri May 15, 2020 11:02 am

Hello ,
I am using a Ioptron Smarteq Pro mount connected to ASIair PRO with firmware version 5.05 and the app to 1.43.
my issue is that the goto capability with ASIair isn't working. I can see the mount and configured correctly with the time and date and can synch.
I can also control the mount manually in all 4 directions. However, when I choose an object and goto it, the mount will not move at all. it does not give me any errors, it just shows the window like its slewing but the mount does not move.
On top of that it shows RA and DEC at 0 degree or 0 position...whan I try a polar align, it failed after the first platesolving and the first 60 degree rotation...nothing is happening , the mount doesn't move.
Thans a lot for your support.

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