ASIAIR Release Log - Newest 1.4.3

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ASIAIR Release Log - Newest 1.4.3

Post by ASIAIR@ZWO » Thu Mar 19, 2020 9:22 am

This topic will keep updating while the new release is out since v1.4.
1.4.3 /FW 5.05

Optimizated the Live Stacking folder structure
Optimiazted the Live Stacking algorithm on subtracting Bias frame
Fixed some bugs

1.4.2 /FW 5.01

New Features
Image Preview: Added Image Preview, saved images can be previewed without using other software on the computer
Custom Object: Added Custom Object function for not included objects, personalized framing demands
Static IP Address: Added this for wired Ethernet connection, more convenient when using Vixen mounts and SkySafari
Tracking Rate Selection: Added Tracking Rate selection of mount: Sidereal Rate, Solar Rate, Lunar Rate

Optimized Automated Meridian Flip, Focus, Guiding, GoTo Auto-Center
Enabled the Histogram Nonlinear Stretching by default and removed the switch
Added more EXP options in Preview and Live modes
External Storage supports exFat and NTFS filesystem format
Fixed Some bugs

1.4.1 / FW4.66

New Features
Added switch for Automated Meridian Flip in Autorun
Added Histogram Nonlinear Stretching in Main Camera Advanced Settings
Added SkySafari Settings Tips of EQMod with SkySafari in Telescope Settings

Fixed the defect that the calibration failure of some mounts
Fixed the defect that DSLR failure when zooming in Focus
Fixed the defect that ASI1600 showing greenish image in Live
Optimized Meridian Flip processes
Optimized Guiding status display
Optimized Histogram Stretching algorithm
Optimized STA WiFi list
Optimized firmware upgrade process

1.4 / FW4.55

ZWO has released a new generation of products-ASIAIR PRO.

New Features
Add automatic meridian flip function
Add network STA Mode
Add external USB memory stick storage method
Add wired Ethernet connection method and add speed test function
Add ZWO new cameras support: ASI6200 (ASIAIR PRO only), ASI2600, ASI533
Add shutter release port for

Optimized the EAF Settings page
Optimized the Startup page logic
Optimized the Guiding function
Optimized the Histogram stretching algorithm
Add more EXP options: 600s, 1000s in Preview

ASIAIR PRO Functions
Add Stack (Live Stacking) function
Add power outputs control (ASIAIR PRO only)
Add support for DSLRs with shutter release cable, will exceed 30s exposure limit
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