ASI120MM on Linux (my report on RPi3/INDI)

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Re: ASI120MM on Linux (my report on RPi3/INDI)

Postby Kuster » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:29 am

kcobby wrote:I use chained RPI 3's running headless Ubuntu Mate. Allowed me to install Ekos on each via the ppa. You could check to see if the USB max output current is set to 1.2A, some may be set to 0.6A which is too low for the ASI120MM. If you have other USB powered devices shwring the current on the same RPI you may need to add a powered hub to provide the ASI120MM with enough current.

Hi Cobby, how do you check to see the output is 1.2A or not?
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Re: ASI120MM on Linux (my report on RPi3/INDI)

Postby chad » Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:48 am

Hi kcobby,
Please use Google to search “max_usb_current”.
I found some Chinese information, and they said that you can adjust the maximum current of USB by setting this value in config.txt.
Here is a discussion: ... a-bad-idea
But I'm not sure. I haven't tested it either. So please be careful if you want to test it.
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