ASIAIR shooting schedule features request

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ASIAIR shooting schedule features request

Post by astronomos » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:13 am

Hi ZWO Team.I have been using the ASI Air for a few months now. I mostly shoot in mono and have to set up LRGB sequences.

first request. once I set up the first sequence, allow me to copy it so I can just modify a few items for example change the filter. I will likely keep all the other settings the same. if I can clone or copy the first sequence it will be much faster than setting up the same thing 3 other times.

Request number 2. after I set up the sequence would be nice to have an option to repeat the same sequence again. for example.
In one session sometimes I ran out of time because I am capturing one color or two but don't get to the others. One solutions would be to set up LRGB sequence, but maybe only shoot 5 pictures each and have the whole sequence repeat many times. This way, you are capturing a little bit of data on all the colors as the night progresses. I can set this up now, but when the sequence ends, i have to start it again manually. I like a button that lets me repeat the sequence.

thank you

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Re: ASIAIR shooting schedule features request

Post by Moson » Thu May 07, 2020 8:16 am

Thanks for your suggestion! And I will convey your suggestion to our devs and they will consider this.

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