The Moon of tonight. Haze & turbulence. ASI290MM.

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The Moon of tonight. Haze & turbulence. ASI290MM.

Post by uranus7 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:17 pm

Well, I have to thank again to Mr. Sean, for having patience with me, explaining how to use the best my ASI290 MM camera.
I doubt at the beginning about the ASI290 but finally, I realized that I was wrong. The ASI290 MM is a camera with high sensitivity, a very useful and high dynamic range but just it has some specific way to be used. It's very important to not use it under a very bad seeing (low transparency& hard turbulence) and also to use the best adjustments to avoid increasing camera's noise. Well, even I had a bit haze and some turbulence, look here what I obtained. I'll post just a small sample of the whole image but please, have a look at the whole image in high definition which you can see it at this link:[url]
PS4 Mars JPG 1200 ALT  sample_210131_lapl6_ap7626.jpg

Please, go for the full definition clicking a few times on the link : ... ateposted/

I used an SW Equinox ED120 refractor at prime focus and a 610 nm longpass filter. Yes, the image isn't perfect because of the turbulence but I tried to edit the best. Some questions? :)

Gabriel Corban - Bucharest Romania

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Re: The Moon of tonight. Haze & turbulence. ASI290MM.

Post by xeniia » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:40 am

The camera gave a very beautiful photo, I enjoyed it!
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