Terrestrial IR-photography with ASI cameras and android ASICAP

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Terrestrial IR-photography with ASI cameras and android ASICAP

Post by a.cidadao » Wed Apr 22, 2020 1:39 pm

Hi all, while astro activities are not possible, just want to share my mobile setup for terrestrial IR-photography with ASI290MM and ASI183MM cameras and ASICAP android apk.

The 183MM has a 10-22mm Canon lens adapted via the Astromechanics focuser, in this case user just to connect the lens, and has a frontal Cokin 89B filter.

The 290MM has an old manual Pentax 50mm 1.4 lens attached via a Teleskop-Express adapter with an Astronimik proplanet IR filter behind the lens.

Cell phone is an old Nokia 8, attached to a powered Satechi USB hub (type C, slim) and a 20000mAh Devia power bank.

Cell phone is attached to a Manfrotto clip holder mounted onto a tiny CB2 Cullmann photo head.

Cameras are attached to hub through a short USB2 cable from ASI.

ASICAP for android for maximum portability.

Power bank has a long cable to be able to stay in my pocket.

Just two images, a 50% reduced 1x1 binned 290MM full frame, and a HD 1x1 crop (also 50% reduced) from the 183MM

The latter, besides its astronomical use, is a great camera for terrestrial IR photography with wide-angle lens.

Wish ASICAP for android was updated for higher stability and had simple slow-rate, no-alignment, live-stacking capabilities.



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Re: Terrestrial IR-photography with ASI cameras and android ASICAP

Post by Moson » Thu Apr 23, 2020 6:37 am

Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful photos to us!
Also thank you for your feedback, I will convey your feedback to our devs and they will consider this.

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