ASI071 with 1.25" barlow/ADC

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Florin Andrei
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ASI071 with 1.25" barlow/ADC

Post by Florin Andrei » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:00 am

For planetary photo I have the ASI224MC which works great. To plug it into an EdgeHD 800, I use a 2.5x TeleVue Powermate (so I operate at f/25), and the ZWO ADC, in that order. The camera is plugged into the ADC.

Now, let's say I want to take a wider shot, like when imaging a larger chunk of the Moon. I could do a mosaic. But that's a lot of frames I need to take. It would be nice if I could use a bigger sensor, take fewer shots, and save time. This is what's important to me, saving time.

I also want to keep using the ADC to avoid fringing and blurry edges (I really like the ADC).

So here's my question: say, I plug the ASI071MC (which I normally use for DSO) into the 1.25" stack containing the 2.5x barlow and the ADC. I know I am going to lose the corners, which is fine. But I wonder - how much exactly of the whole frame am I going to lose? Does anyone have an estimate?

I realize I will not be able to frame the whole Moon at f/25 with the ASI071MC, and that's fine too. I'm just curious for an estimate for the amount of corner clipping that will occur.

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Re: ASI071 with 1.25" barlow/ADC

Post by Support@ZWO » Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:32 am

Hi Florin,
It's hard to say an exactly amount of corner clipping that will occur. Regard the corners, we suggest you remove the 2.5x barlow , and replace it with a 0.7x or 0.8x focal reducer.
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