Focusing problem with ASI120MC

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Re: Focusing problem with ASI120MC

Postby Bersa81 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 10:18 pm

Tried it with my CPC 9.25 and it gets to focus very well. I will try again with the refractor. I'm considering to use a Bathing mask...
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Re: Focusing problem with ASI120MC

Postby Farzad_K » Mon May 08, 2017 3:45 pm

Was there a conclusion to this issue? I tried the ZWO 120 on my ED80 and didn't get focus on the moon, just brighter screen on my computer capture software. The SWO works fine on my 8-inch SCT.

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Re: Focusing problem with ASI120MC

Postby phoenixke » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:32 am

Same issue here with 6x30 and with 9x50 Skywatcher. Any solution yet? My brand new ZWO ASI 120 is unusable as an autoguider, waste of money if not ....
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Re: Focusing problem with ASI120MC

Postby s3igell » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:13 pm

The design of SCTs allow one to dramatically change the Focal Point with it's Focusing Mechanism.

Refractors - not so much so...

Assume the Focal Point is FURTHER Behind the Focuser than your Extender.

That is why the previous post suggesting use of a sheet of paper to identify the actual Focal Point. Try it!!
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Re: Focusing problem with ASI120MC

Postby Paulus » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:26 pm

I’m having the same issue with my setup. I have both color and monochrome of the ASI120. I use a Celestron 102SLT riding an AVX Mount. I also have an Orion 50 guidescope. I use them both with the guidescope without issue at all. They guide well. But I have to revert back to the dslr for imaging because the cam on my OTA won’t focus. I have tried the Orion 5123 to add 2 inches. I have done the Barlow and the 5123 trick and nothing. I dislike having to use the DSLR, but it just works. Is there a calculator out there that will calculate this? I can’t use my filter wheel until I figure out what the hell is happening.
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